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How can I add Canadian Dollars to my account using ‘Interac e-Transfer request’?
How can I add Canadian Dollars to my account using ‘Interac e-Transfer request’?
Here’s what you need to know about using our brand new deposit method
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We recently introduced a new way to deposit money into your Coinsquare account. Canadian Dollar deposits can now be made in just a few taps via Interac e-Transfer. This is a no-fee transfer, allowing you to deposit amounts between $20 and $10,000 CAD.

Follow the steps below to add Canadian Dollars to your Coinsquare account using the 'Interac e-Transfer request' feature:

Step 1

Tap on the Deposit icon in the bottom navigation bar of your Coinsquare Trade app. If this is your first deposit, you should also see a prompt at the top of your screen.

Quick Trade home screen with deposit menu icon highlighted.

Step 2

Select the Interac e-Transfer request option.

Quick Trade deposit section with the new ‘Interac e-Transfer request’ option highlighted.

Step 3

Enter the CAD amount you want to deposit and tap Send. The deposit request will be sent to the email address registered to your Coinsquare account. Note that you can only complete deposit requests from a bank account registered in your legal name.

Quick Trade deposit via Interac e-transfer deposit amount input box highlighted.

Step 4

Your app will display a confirmation of your deposit request. Head over to your email inbox to accept the payment request from Interac (please note that the request must be fulfilled within an hour before it expires and you will need to begin again).

You can view the status of your deposit by clicking on View activity (before you navigate away from this screen).

Notes: Check to ensure the request is from Coinsquare Ltd. with address

Quick Trade ‘Interac e-Transfer request’ confirmation screen and example of Interac email.

The final step

After accepting the Interac e-Transfer deposit request, you will be redirected to the Interac e-Transfer webpage from where you can continue to your online bank account and complete the transfer. Once the deposit is processed, your new balance will reflect on your dashboard and activity.

Note: Deposits made via Interac e-Transfer can take up to 1 hour during times of heavy traffic and are limited to 3 successful transactions per day. The deposit limit resets over a rolling 24-hour period.

Quick Trade activity screen and deposit activity details view showing a successful CAD deposit.
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