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Why Didn't My Trade Execute?
Why Didn't My Trade Execute?
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After you place an order on Coinsquare Pro, it usually fills shortly after the price meets your execution price. If this doesn’t happen, there are usually a few reasons why:

Price Didn’t Hit Execution Price

When you place a buy or sell order on Coinsquare Pro, the most important thing is your execution price. This is the price at which our platform will execute your instructions to buy or sell assets. If the market price of an asset doesn’t hit your desired execution price, your trade won’t be filled.

The solution here is to simply wait until the market price reaches your desired entry price, or to move your entry price closer to the current market price, to make it more likely that your order fills.

Price Hit Execution Price, But Still Did Not Fill

This is a more rare situation whereby the market price matches your desired entry price, but your order remains in the “open orders” section, and does not execute.

In these cases, the cause is that there was not enough liquidity at your desired price to fill all orders set at that price. In some cases, the first order placed may be the first to be filled, but this is not necessarily the rule in all cases.

As with the above case, the two possible solutions are to either wait until your order fills, or move your order closer to the current market price, if it has only touched it briefly before moving away.

Advanced Instructions Caused Order to Cancel

If you set your ‘Advanced Instructions’ to either “Immediate or Cancel” or “Fill or Kill”, your order may have been cancelled automatically by the system.

The above fill instructions are designed for traders who are looking to get an order filled immediately, or have it cancelled if it does not match very specific conditions.

For most limit orders, you should use “Good Til Cancelled” instructions. This will keep your order on the order book until price matches and fills it, or until you cancel it manually.

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