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How To Use the Depth Chart
How To Use the Depth Chart
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The Depth Chart is a visual version of the order book. It lets traders see at a glance the aggregate of the current market, comparing the total buy orders and sell orders for any digital asset.

How to Load the Depth Chart

  1. Login to your Coinsquare account, and navigate to Coinsquare Pro page.

  2. Select the market you are trading.

  3. Toggle the “Market Chart” view to “Depth Chart”

How to Read the Depth Chart:

On the left side, in green, you will see all available buy orders, arranged by price. On the right side, in red, are all available sell orders, arranged by price.

Between the two sets of orders you will find the “mid-market price”, which represents the price that sits between the best available buying (bid) price, and the best available selling (ask) price.

The mid-market price will not always match the current market price, because the mid-market price references the average difference between the best bid and ask price, while the market price represents the last-traded price.

The size of each segment of the chart represents the total volume of client orders at that level. The larger the wall, the more orders to buy or sell are set at that level. In a normal market, there will be more liquidity at prices further away from the current market, as orders closer to the mid-market price are filled and removed from the book.

Lastly, the Depth Chart is interactive. When you scroll your mouse over any price point, you will see an icon which displays:

  • The price point in CAD

  • The available quantity of digital assets to buy or sell at that price point.

In summary, the depth chart provides an alternative way to visualize the current state of the market you are looking to trade in, providing you with a diagram of the quantity of assets available at any given price point.

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