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Important Notes About Canadian Dollar (CAD) Deposits
Important Notes About Canadian Dollar (CAD) Deposits
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As part of our commitment to keeping the Coinsquare platform safe and secure, we've made a few changes to CAD deposits going forward. Please see below for the updated CAD deposit rules:

  1. e-Transfer deposit requests are now limited to 3 successful transactions per day. The deposit limit resets over a rolling 24-hour period.

  2. Request Money Deposits must now be confirmed within 1 hour of the request. This means that once you request a deposit from your Coinsquare Trade app, you must log-in to your banking app and confirm it within 1 hour. See this article for more details on how to send a deposit using Request Money Deposit.

  3. The maximum amount for an e-Transfer deposit is $10,000. Your bank may also impose other limits, depending on your service agreement with them. There are no limits for Bank Wire Transfers.

  4. A 72-hour withdrawal restriction will be placed on your Coinsquare account after your first e-Transfer deposit. This applies to both CAD and digital asset withdrawals.

  5. Deposits from a Corporate bank account to a personal Coinsquare account are not permitted. If you would like to make transfers to and from your corporate bank account, please contact our Coinsquare Wealth team!

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