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Coinsquare's Official Contact Info & Social Media
Coinsquare's Official Contact Info & Social Media
Use this article to determine whether you are communicating with an official Coinsquare representative.
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Coinsquare Support can be reached by sending a ticket through our live-chat, or through email at We do not offer inbound phone support at this time.

As fake customer service pages and phone numbers continue to pop up, we ask that you please be diligent in verifying any information you may come across on Google pages, social media, or forums. When in doubt, contact and ask us to confirm whether the person you are communicating with is an authorized Coinsquare representative.

Coinsquare employees will never ask for log in details, such as your password or 2FA code. We will also never ask you to install software on your computer, or for remote access to your device.

If anyone claiming to be a Coinsquare Support agent requests this information, please contact immediately.

Official Domains:

Below are the only domain addresses that Coinsquare uses.




Emails from Coinsquare employees will always come from a domain that ends in Emails from our support team will come with a domain that includes our messaging service, Intercom (

Official Social Media:


  • @Coinsquare on Twitter

  • @Coinsquare on Reddit

  • u/Coinsquare on Reddit

If you are unsure about an email you have received that appears to be from Coinsquare, please contact our Support Team.

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