Due to migration, we require that you update your deposit addresses for any digital currencies that you plan to deposit into your account. This is because the deposit addresses you may have used previously are outdated, and as such must be changed so that your accounts are properly credited when deposits are made.

Continuing to transfer assets using the old deposit address may result in an extended delay in receiving your funds as the information has become outdated. If funds have been sent to your old deposit address please contact our Support team.

In order to find your updated deposit addresses, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Coinsquare account either via the new Coinsquare app or the desktop site.

  2. Click the Deposit tab to view your deposit options.

  3. Click the Digital Currency option.

  4. Select the Digital Currency you wish to generate an updated deposit address for.

A deposit address will be generated once you've selected the desired digital currency. You can simply copy and paste this address or scan the QR code using the exchange/wallet you will be using to send your deposit in order to successfully complete the transfer!

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