Common Advanced Trade issues

Some common issues and questions that come up around Advanced Trade are:

What are Advanced Trade fees?

Advanced Trade fees for market makers: 0.1%

Advanced Trade fees for market takers: 0.2%

Market makers are those that add liquidity to Coinsquare by executing trades between bid and ask spreads.

Market takers are those that remove liquidity from the Coinsquare platform.

How long does Advanced Trade take?

Advanced trade offers you the ability to create a limit order. Limit orders execute when the market price reaches your limit order.

If your Advanced Trade order returns an "Error: Insufficient Funds" message:

Check to see you have sufficient funds to trade the currency that you’re trying to sell. Note that if you have open limit orders that haven't executed yet, you won't be able to trade those funds without either cancelling your existing limit order or waiting for the limit order to execute.

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