I don't have a Canadian mobile phone number, or a mobile phone period. Can I still register for an account?

Coinsquare asks that you verify your mobile phone number via text at the time of registration in an attempt to ensure only actual humans are creating accounts with us!

The mobile phone verification will only accept phone numbers registered in Canada.

If you have a mobile phone number that is registered in a jurisdiction other than Canada OR if you do not have a mobile phone number at all you will not be able to complete this step.

Not to worry, you can still register for an account at Coinsquare!

If you do not have a mobile phone OR if your mobile number is registered outside of Canada please follow the instructions below on how to bypass this step and continue with the registration process:

1.  Submit a support ticket here

2. Please select Category: Verification when submitting your support ticket

3. Request that the mobile phone verification step be bypassed

4. In your request, outline the reason why you are not able to complete this step on your own (ex. I do not have a mobile phone)

After the Client Success Team reviews your request you will be able to continue with registering your account.

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