Canadian dollar withdrawal fees, processing, and withholding

Coinsquare works with various payment service providers to best serve our customers. Fees and processing times will vary according to your withdrawal method used. The chart below outlines our fees and processing times for each funding method.


Please click the image to go directly to our funding/withdrawals options page.

Important Note: If you are unable to withdraw funds from your account, please check our withholding chart to see if your funds are available for withdrawal.  Depending on the payment method used to fund your account, Coinsquare may be withholding funds for security reasons.

As an example, if you have funded your account using a bank draft, you will not be able to withdraw your funds from the Coinsquare platform for 14 days. The withholding period does not affect your ability to make trades - only withdraw from the Coinsquare platform.

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