What if I forgot my username or password?


Coinsquare's mission to revolutionize and simplify the buying and selling of digital assets, while delivering on, industry-leading and user experiences is built on the safety and security of our platform.

You are trusting us with your money and we take that very seriously.


To ensure the safety of your account there is a strict security procedure that has been implemented and to which you will be required to follow if you forget your username and need us to retrieve it on your behalf.

We ask for this information in order to ensure this account recovery request is coming directly from you and allows us to maintain the security of your account.

If you have forgotten your username please submit a support ticket here or use the Submit a Request button on the main page of the Help Centre in order to retrieve it.

 When filling out the request form please select Category: Account Management



If you cannot remember the password you will have to initiate the Forgot Password procedure from the login screen on the website.

Note: The Support Team does not have access to, nor the ability to reset, clients' passwords.


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