How do I fund my account with Flexepin?




  • Kenrauwerda

    Why withheld my flexepin deposit? :(

  • SM

    Hey there,

    Flexepin deposits don't have any withholding so there's a possibility the withholding my be due to something else. Feel free to send the team a ticket if you had any other questions.

  • Sebas So

    @LORNE A ,  Same situation here, still " Service not available" to fund my account with my flexepin voucher its still not possible, please let us know when the services are back available to funds our account thanks.

  • Christine

    Thanks for reporting this - our team is investigating!

  • Sebas So

    i am still receiving this error message " Service not available at this time " still nor available to funds my account and i am searching on google for another exchange platform if coinsquare is not fixing it.

  • Christine

    The Flexepin funding issue has been resolved.

    We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience.


    I can confirm everyone they have indeed resolved this issue. Thank you very much for the communication and resolution. You are doing a good job. Keep at it.

  • Jennifer Hubert

    There is no option to use flexipin to find my account and I used it this week but today’s it’s not there

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