Advanced Trade Price FAQs

Why does the price of my order appear differently than the price I enter?

Coinsquare markets are priced in bits (μbits). That means that if you enter a price that isn’t on our price grid, it will be rounded off to the closest valid price on our price grid. This also applies if you enter an order with a price that is not denominated in bits.

Example: User desires to buy 1 BTC at $11,004 CAD. Since $11,004 CAD is not on our price grid, our system automatically offers the closest valid price, which is $11,003.52 CAD.
What is the price grid?
The price grid is the term we use to refer to the set of all valid prices at which a coin order may be entered on our platform.

Why is the entire available quantity not used when I select 100% of my available balance?

Coinsquare markets accept up to 2 decimals for fiat currencies and a max of 8 decimals for digital currencies. Further, the final quantity you get depends on the Limit Price and the amount specified for the non-BTC currency. As such, the resulting quantity of the order may not be the entire 100% of your available balance due to rounding of value

Ex: You have 0.02246052 BTC and have selected 100% of your balance to be sold at a Limit Price of 12,100.68 CAD - resulting in an auto-calculated amount of 271.65 CAD rounded to 2 decimals to be received.

The estimated BTC to be sold would be 0.02244915 BTC, instead of 0.02246052 BTC. Any remaining balance will be available in your account.

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