Funding and Withdrawing: BAB and BSV

If you missed our announcement about the BCH hard fork, you may view it here.

BAB (Bitcoin Cash ABC) and BSV (Bitcoin Cash SV) are the two tokens that resulted from the BCH hard fork. If you held BCH in your account at the time of the fork, you would have received an equal amount in BAB and BSV as your previously held in BCH.


 **Please split your BCH prior to funding BAB or BSV.**

While you can now fund BAB and BSV through their respective deposit addresses found in your account, Coinsquare does not support automated coin splitting. This means that if you send unsplit BCH to your BAB or BSV deposit address, **you will not receive an equal amount of the other**. For example, if you send 1 BCH to your BSV deposit address, you will be left with 1 BSV and receive no BAB. 


**BAB and BSV withdrawals are not yet available.** We will be adding this functionality in the future.

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